Richard Blumenthal                                                                                                         October 20, 2010

Attorney General

State of Connecticut

55 Elm St.  Hartford, CT


Dear Mr. Blumenthal;

Thank you for the invite to coffee at 99 Hartford, Rd. Manchester, CT today to help you achieve your purpose of hearing personal family struggles and sacrifices caused by State of Connecticut corruption and ideas we have about how to improve our country. 

My struggle began in 1991 with an injury due to workplace negligence that was denied compensation without due process, while I was unrepresented during an emergency informal hearing one week before Christmas 1993 with devastating results that I lost my family, home and employment.

In 2005 the former Chairman of CT Workers Compensation again terminated all hearings and benefits without due process during a telephone call to me.  This was just weeks after an informal hearing where he refused to examine the evidence I brought to the table.  Please note that I have not received any benefits in 20 years to an accepted claim.

There is also a matter of $ 40,000.00 payoff likely being made outside Workers Compensation to undisclosed individual/s.   Workers Compensation is the only avenue for injured workers to obtain medical care and lost time benefits for workplace injuries   What would be the appropriate reprimand for corrupt compensations officials apprehended?

Shortly thereafter I paid $ 30,000.00 for the surgery my doctors recommended to The Connecticut Workers Compensation and that the Commissioner said I did not need which has been successful, only to go on being denied Vocational Rehabilitation to assist my return to employment.

I and many others have come to your office with corruption complaints of Connecticut Workers Compensation.  I presently have requested permission to sue the State of Connecticut and the Claims Commissioner has denied that request based on the actions of your office. 

There is a National Bill for Workers Compensation Reform called the BACA Bill that is my idea to improve the condition of injured workers and a model for Connecticut.  Insurers are systematically crippling workers nationwide because it's less expensive to pay permanency than to provide medical treatment.

1.)  Why have you ignored my pleas for help that has resulted in irreversible harm to my children?

2.)  What would I have to prove to you today, that your office would reverse its’ denial from the Claims Commissioner?



William Lawler