Richard Blumenthal has invited me to coffee today.
Letter to Richard Blumenthal re: Coffee at Three.

Insurers are systematically crippling workers nationwide because it's less expensive to pay permanency than to provide medical treatment.

1.)  Why have you ignored my pleas for help that has resulted in irreversible harm to my children?

2.)  What would I have to prove to you today, that your office would reverse its’ denial from the Claims Commissioner?

Dear Friend,

One of the most meaningful things I do on this campaign is travel across the state meeting voters face to face.
Hearing the personal stories of struggle and sacrifice reinforces my conviction to fight every day for Connecticut families.
And hearing the ideas so many of you have about how to improve our country gives me great hope for -- and belief in -- our future.

This Wednesday, I will join members of the community in Manchester for coffee. I want to hear what is on your mind! 
I hope you will attend.

Coffee with Dick Blumenthal
Wednesday, October 20 at 3:00pm
Manchester, CT

I want to be your voice in the U.S. Senate.  To do that most effectively I need to hear from you.
 I look forward to seeing you in Manchester for coffee.


Dick Blumenthal