"Reverse Yourself, Admit You Are Wrong, Do The Right Thing, Come Back To Reality." Says  Richard Blumenthal
It's been four months for you as US Senator (none) .....update 9/27/11....(more none).  HOW MANY JOBS HAVE YOU CREATED?
Richard Blumenthal State of Connecticut Attorney General SUCKS now as CT U.S. Senator
**** Rated Nations Worst Attorney General  **** for growing the power of his own office - 250 Assistants

You people snatched my children from the crib and discarded our lives. 
Why don't you do the right thing here for me and my family and investigate why I had to pay $ 30,000 cash for my own surgery
after being in the system, near dying from pain, begging for help 20 years, and get them to reimburse me?  You have access to my file, go read it.
How did the secret $ 40,000 payout deal railroad my settlement?  Who was earmarked to receive this money?


News - 5/5/11 Dicks sends me a letter asking what the problem is???  This is after a year dealing with you about the
lies of your Asst. A.G.s. and personally delivering to you the telephone medical denial by W.C. Commissioner Jesse Frankl.

The purpose of the State of Connecticut Attorney General Office is not to seek fairness for citizens but to screw them by defending crooked
state agencies like Connectciut Workers Compensation and the corrupt Workers Compensation Commissioners.
He then granted a Motion for Protective Order that would prevent the State of Connecticut Attorney Generals’ Office from harrassing or again calling the claimant as a witness.

145 Clapboard Ridge Mirror Shot
Dick Blumenthal and
Steve Cassano
Birds of a feather
Blumenthal and Hartford Mayor Perez
Blumenthal and Hartford Mayor Perez
You Suck Dick
Lie no more.

Dick, How do you create a job?
Dump Blumenthal.com
May 2010 at CT State Capitol
Blumenthal and Eddie Perez
New London, CT Debate
Photo courtesy paybilly.com/
1999 Blumenthal filed the first major class-action lawsuits against HMOs, demanding that four Connecticut insurers improve their patient appeal process, pay doctors promptly, and provide better information about prescription drug coverage.  (ALL THE WHILE IGNORING CT INJURED WORKERS COMP FOR SAME)
The Attorney General for the State of Connecticut apparently will chase down even dead Workers Compensation Claimants for a pound of flesh.

In support of its appeal, the Second Injury Fund seeks to distinguish Schiano on the basis that the claimant in Schiano was not fatally injured as was the
claimant in the instant case. The Second Injury Fund was represented by Sarah Posner, Esq., Assistant Attorney General, 55 Elm Street, Hartford, CT

“We find no merit to this argument, as it would indeed be an absurd result to offset benefits based upon a claimant widow’s recovery for
loss of consortium only where the claimant husband has died, but not where the claimant husband has survived.” CRB Decision.

On the charges of Felony bribe receiving, Felonyconspiracy to commit larceny by extortion and Felony criminal attempt to commit larceny by extortion,
Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez was found guilty 6-18-10, sentenced 3 yrs on 9-13-10.  Mayor Perez is person in photo above with Blumenthal.   Tch – Tch Dickie

I first contacted and went to your office in 1993 and you hid behind skirts   I think I am the wrong color, sex and religion for you.  Is that correct ?
Dear Dick, How can 2 white male Connecticut Workers' Compensation claimants, 2 years age apart and 3 years date of injury apart,
have practically the
identical injuries, diagnosis, consequences and denial abuse from Workers Compensation?  Hint, read below.
IT'S CORRUPTION STUPID and you know it and ingore it or you're a dummy.
Should Dick Blumenthal, Connecticut US Senator, be investigated?  The Whistleblower Trap
All I wanted was to simply view current files on Civil Rights Claims Against the State of Connectiuct and your lousy employees blocked me. 
That is a crime and you should all be in jail.  Now you have your own website and I ended up finding the State Troopers and others have sued you. 

My simple request resulted in your office sending me unrelated garbage.  I have found this to be a pattern in your office.  The lawyers from NY made
a similar request of information and you blocked them with the same stall tactics. This is real Weasle Culture Corruption.

"Reverse Yourself, Admit You Are Wrong, Do The Right Thing, Come Back To Reality." Says CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

Crime and Corruption in Connecticut

In 1993, a group of Connecitcut citizens informed Blumenthal and the Governor of Workers Compensation Corruption.  Why were they ignored?

"I've been up to Mr. Blumenthal's Office.
I've been to the Governor's Office, I've been to Program Review,  I've been to  Chief Inspector's Office."

"I don't know anybody else to turn to."
There's a reason they call him Dick - Destroys other CT citizens lives too
You should have been aware of the lack of judicial temperament of Workers Compensation Commissioners such as Jesse Frankl and how you allowed him to
retire with us paying his benefits is nothing short of corruption of all you sticking together.

 It is my opinion one of the reasons you have not prosectuted Workers Compensation Chairman Jesse Frankl is because
you share the same West Hartford, CT synagouge and your mothers are golf buddies in Bloomfield. 

Your office continues a practice of ignoring the public inquiry by deception.
You think more of a handful of illegal immigrants than protecting the lives of thousands of Connecticut Citizen Workers hurt annually

Please don't take it personally, but you suck Dick. 

So today my wish is for you and all in your department to lose their families and then tell me how you feel.

Troopers File Suit against Attorney General alleges Whistleblower conflict of interest

Professor gets no Whistleblower Protection

The Connecticut attorney general Blumenthal runs his office more like a TV program.

A group of 34 immigrants sued a major Connecticut construction company Tuesday for failing to pay  back  wages.  12/24/08

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who joined the plaintiffs at a press conference, said he will seek to support or intervene in
the lawsuit and has contacted Connecticut State Dept. of Labor officials to coordinate.

“Today's action requires courage and integrity by immigrants, overcoming fears about their own safety and security, to report wrongdoing,” Blumenthal said.

There is no consensus as to how many, if not all the claimants are illegal residents but Blumenthal has said they have rights anyway. I suppose if they were injured,
 they would have rights too and we would see Blumenthal touting their rights before those of us living in hell of the State of Connecticut Workers Corruption.

Waking up tomorrow morning without a family because I lost them in Workers  Corruption Court, that takes courage, integrity,
and overcoming fears about my own safety and security all the while reporting to you the wrong doing of CT
Workers CompensationChairman John Mastropietro and Commissioner Jesse Frankl

Merry Christmas

Richard Blumenthal has invited me to coffee today October 2, 2010

"Reverse Yourself, Admit You Are Wrong, Do The Right Thing, Come Back To Reality." Says CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

Dear Dick: Why don't you show some backbone and call up Workers Compensation and tell this to Chairman John Mastorpietro?

  Why don't you give me a call  to set up a meeting where I will show you the written documentation of Workers Compensation corruption?
55 Elm St. Hartford CT Blumenthals office
To the DUMP
CT Capitol on the horizon
Protest Putnam Blumenthalsuckscom
Hartford Capitol 2
West Hartford
Capitol Hartford
145 Ckapboard Ridge
Stamford 6-24-10 Protest
You Suck Dick
I Promise to not lie
any more about my
Vietnam military service.
Signature Dick

Lights are on your evil ways Dickie
Dickie, see the lights shining on your Evil doings.  I heard you
say at the
debate all about government accountability.  Well Dick,
 we are holding
you acountable for the evil acts of your 250
Assistant Attorney Generals. 

When Linda McMahon asked you tonight how many jobs you
created, you missed the chance to respond that you
created 250 salaried
jobs in CT that the sole purpose is to
create havoc in the lives of the
citizens and business of CT. 

I can't believe these two wonderful people showed up to
protest you
tonight.  How many more have you beaten down
 that are too weak to
defend themselves or put up a fight
protest against you?

It's been four months since you told Linda McMahon
you knew everything about job creation.     

Paybilly at the Debate Bushnell Oct 2010
Block Blumy Debate Oct 2010
Capitol Police Steal my sign, Blumy orders
Richard Blumenthal Sucks New London CT
Blumenthal supports dump Dodd
No Blumen WAY
Lafayette Hates Dick McMahon Debate

There he was, all slicked down with that snake charmer's smile, applauding Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez for spending close to a $100 a vote to beat four challengers. 
But Tuesday's little lovefest with Fast Eddie Perez should leave little doubt that Dick Blumenthal will keep anyone's company as long as it lands him somewhere in the
photo gallery.  There you have it.
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